What is animal rights and animal welfare?

I’m doing a debate about zoos doing more good than harm and i’m stuck. We have to do research and my team put in animal rights as one of the points (they dont know why exactly because we were brainstorming) and our debate coach wants each of us to do research on our own when we asked her. But i was thinking, isn’t animal rights the opposite of zoos or anything zoo related? I dont know, what about animal welfare? I am so tired i can’t even think straight. Also, would aquariums be counted as zoos?

Answer #1

Some people may believe that animals do not belong in zoos because it is not their natural habitat. Some believe that zoos are an integral part of conserving species by educating the public and housing breeding programs. I guess you could go either way. Good luck on your project!

Answer #2

Aquariums are counted as zoos. Zoos do help animals because there are many animals out there such as the blind penguins in cape town here that would die without the zoo. Also poachers is a big problem in the wild and zoos can protect those animals in many cases. Also zoos only generally take animals that is either really endangered or which cannot adapt to their natural habitat anymore.

Answer #3

oh okay cool, thanks guys!

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