Why do animal predictions always get it right in sports (read more)?

The penguin said that the Giants would win the superbowl and they have won the animals always get it right. The octopus was right too about the world soccer cup saying that spain will win the world soccer cup and they won that too. The animals always get it right if somebody knows or have a theory of why they always get it right tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

I really think it’s a type of instinct. Or they’re just really lucky.

Answer #2

i think it’s total crap mainly because i think all sports are fairly ridged

Answer #3

Well, with all due respect, the animals don’t know $&!t about the super bowl or soccer ok. They really don’t I promise. Same as the groundhog seeing his shadow and 6 more weeks of bad winter. It’s all things of man. The animals have nothing to do with it. Seriously.

Answer #4

Talking penguin? and octopus? haha wth. How do they even come up with this crap

Answer #5

these are just assumptions. we cant say with surety that the animals have any power to predict

Answer #6

Never underestimate an animal they are perfectly aware of everything that goes on!! Animals are proven to be highly intelligent!!! I saw a cat writen with a pencil before…believe me!! They are more intelligent than ur average human…some studies show there are animals that rate the intelligence of enstien himself and higher!!!

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