Any good websites (aside from wikipedia) on Animal Rights?

I’m doing an English project on Animal Rights and stuff. But the problem is, I can’t find any website about it aside from Wikipedia! And we’re not allowed to use it…

So any good ones? Thanks a bunch!

Answer #1

I think you should do a report on ‘animal welfare vs animal rights’. ‘Animal rights is wrong and crazy (they don’t even believe in having pets!) ‘Animal welfare’ is what normal people want - to keep pets and other animals safe and happy, have pets etc.
Here are two really good websites, copy and paste them into your browser;

and this one

(the first one is an easier read) Good luck, let us know!

Answer #2


Answer #3


Answer #4

PETA Humane Society SPCA

Just roam around their sites. you can find information on many laws, etc.

Answer #5

ok this is kinda cheating, but if you go down to the bottom, where wikipedia has references? they usually have some pretty good references…

Answer #6

Its not cheating, ty. My teacher told me I could ask.^^

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