Does anyone else want to get married and have kids?

im 20 and I’ve been with a guy for 4 years and I am ready to get married and have kids am I the only one am I crazy for wanting those things so soon?

Answer #1

well I am 20 and engaged I have been with my boyfrined for 5 years I am ready for babys trust me I have raised a lot of other peoples kids I want my own now! I am ready to get married to but… also no .. I have been with him so long that sometimes I can look at him and not see myself with him. I think im getting bored! but thats my problem so I agree with you I am the same way maybe im not with mr right tho!

Answer #2

no sometimes I want those things and you know how long I’ve dating your brother so yea

Answer #3

Nope not at all. thats really normal… a lot of people are already married and have kids by that age.

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