How can I tell my conservative parents that I want to get married?

How should I tell my conservative parents that I want to get married? I’m 18 my guy is almost 21 it feels completely right. Like I said though my parents are super conservative and compare my relationship to my brothers 3 1/2 years of dating the same girl, Where as my guy and I have been together 4 months

Answer #1


Well 4 months isn’t very long at all…is it possible to wait until at least the 6 month mark so it seems more serious?

If not, I would just sit them down and talk to them like an adult. There’s no other way to do it, unless you mail them a letter…this prevents confrontation and will let them absorb the information at their own pace, and won’t feel as on the spot as if you talk to them in person…

Answer #2

4 months seems to be rushing things a bit…

Makes me wonder if you may be pregnant and by getting married, thinking that everything will be alright.

You have your whole life ahead of you and there is a world out there for you to explore, new people to meet, places to go and all sorts of fun things to do and try.

What is your hurry to get married??? For me “I love him, it feels right.” does not cut it!!!

Answer #3

hey huni!!! im 19 and married!!! i got engaged when i was 17yrs old i thought my perants would go mad as they are trying to bring me up right as they say!!! try to be over protective!! i told them august 2005 we was thinking about getting married they just said ok deep down i could see they was bothered but since then they have been brill and supported me payed half towards our wedding with shauns parents paying other half!! they have said since i got married on 7.7.07 that if they never supported me they new i would let it happen anyways and they could off lost there daughter to battles this way we still all friends ect and we can go to eachother for support!! just talk to them and let them know how you feel about your oh? but make sure this is def what you want remeber its a life long comitment! takecarexxx

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