Am I still a virgin if I've inserted things but never had sex

if you insert things (eg-tampon,finger) but havent had sex yet , are you still a virgin ? how do you know if your hymen has been broken???

Answer #1

yeah because you havn’t had a penis in you and there can be ways where you know like the pain in there and blood when its not your period but nothing to be worryed about really if you’re really worryed go to the doctor

Answer #2

Well, you can get a pretty good idea if you dont mind examining yourself in a mirror and then comparing what you see with the illustrations in this link:

PS I dont advise you doing the checking AT THE SAME TIME you are browsing the above link. smile

Also, remember, every girl is different and there are many different types of hymens.


Answer #3

Yes, you’re still a virgin

and there is no real way except if a doctor examines you to determine if your hymen was broken.

Also your hymen doesn’t break that easily…it does take some force.

Answer #4

Yes, you’re still a virgin.

You stop being a virgin when you’ve had actual intercourse.

As for your hymen, there’s no real way of knowing if it was broken or not other than by a doctor’s examination, but a hymen is very easily broken and is not an effective method of determining virginity.

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