Will I still be a virgin?

well im still a virgin never had any kind of sex…and I get really horny at times and I dont want to have sex till marrige so I just want to masturbate will it hurt me in any kind of way if I insert something into my vagina.. will I still be a virgin if I insert an object up my vagina…?? please someone help thank you…

Answer #1

good on you, save your cherry for your wedding night, masturbation is ok aslong as you don not penetrate your self to far in, if you do then you will break your on cherry

Answer #2

it’s nice to hear that u want to save urself for marriage, vales like that are seldom heard of in these times. U will be a virgin until u actually have sexual intercourse. masterbation is a great way to learn ur body, and a man will never be able to please u if u dont know how u like it, so explore the relm of masterbation in all it’s glory. If u do insert something in ur vagina, u may feel some initial discomfort, or a slight pain, this is for two reasons, 1) u r probably very tight, but the more u work at it the more ur vagina will stretch to allow more room, and 2)when ur hymen breaks, or ur “cherry pops” u may feel some pain, but it’s just a small piece of skin, and it may bleed a little.. but enjoy ur body,a nd get to know it, and most importantly have fun.

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