Are you still a virgin if you have anal sex?

I’ve noticed there are a few different opinions on this here, so I want to hear people’s reasoning. Yes or no?

Answer #1

Good one. I’d say, no you are not a “virgin”…technically you may still have a hymen, but sex is sex…and once you’ve had sex you are no longer a virgin.


Answer #2

So would you say the same thing goes for a girl who has given a blw jb? How would you classify that as being different from anal? Or is it the same to you?

Answer #3

I think it’s up to the person to decide whether having anal sex, and oral sex, is losing their virginity. However, I believe once you have had actual sexual intercourse, (breaking hymen) there is NO saying your a virgin.

Answer #4

Technically I would say no. IF you have engaged in any sexual activity then I believe that you are not a virgin anymore.

However, if the hymen is what determines virginity to you, then you aren’t a virgin anymore.

Answer #5

A “virgin” is defined as someone who is pure, undefiled, unsullied…if you have anal sex, can you honestly say you are still those things? If you have oral sex, can you say you are those things? I, honestly, would draw the line at penetration - penetration whether anal or v@ginal is still penetration and means you are not a virgin.

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