Am i still a virgin if i ve masterbated?

I’m just wondering if I’d be considered a virgin or not. I’ve been masturbating since I was 14 but I never used anything besides fingers until a few months ago… I kinda popped my own cherry by accident when I was in the shower… I cried a lil cause I was sad lol But yea so I like this guy a lot & I wanted him to be my 1st & I told him I was a virgin I’ve since used things besides my fingers cause its just better haha Since their is no hymen there now am I a virgin? & how much will it affect how tight I am? I’ve since used things besides my fingers cause its just better haha

Answer #1

yes, you are still a virgin for one thing the only thing that makes you loose your virginity is a male penis inside you, because thats the only thing that can get you pregnant masterbating is normal, and it doesnt mean your not a virgin as for your hymen (or cherry as kids and some teens call it) it can be broken by numerouse things materbation, fingers, sex toys, tampons, horse riding and aggressive sports some girls are even born without a hymen its a silly way to indicate if someone is a virgin or not because it can be broken long before you first have sex and no it wont make you any tigher or looser down there as for sex, your still very young and the main reason why kids get pregnant or get stds is because there uneducated about sex so before you go off having it, LEARN about it learn about as well as a male and female reproductive system birth control, contraception, pregnancy and sti/stds

Answer #2

Yes you are a virgin. Until you’ve been penetrated by a penis, you’re still a virgin. You’re still going to be tight inside.

Answer #3

you are a virgin until a penis has been in your vagina, make sure you are not pressured into anything, that you are emotionally ready and be safe!

Answer #4

if a penis hasnt been inside your vigina then you are still a virgin

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