I can't get enough of what I'm eating

I don’t know whether this is normal or not,I can’t get enough of what I’m eating.I have to take some more everytime,each and every 30 minutes I have to eat something.There has to be some bread because I can’t do anything if didn’t put something on my mouth.Please help!

Answer #1

How long has it being going on for? Did you always eat this way? Are you gaining weight/are you overweight?

A little bit of information may help pinpoint exactly what the problem is

It could be several things, it could be something is physically wrong with you (in which case you should see a doctor)… You could just have bad eating habits. You could be eating for emotional/psychological reasons… It’s really hard to tell from what you’ve written down… For now, as like a short term solution so you dont end up gaining like 10 kilos in the next month, you may want to buy lots of fruits/veggies and switch to whole wheat bread (I dont know if you get whole wheat that looks white, it’s a little better than white but it tastes similar). Before you have whatever you want, have some fruit/salad… it may not completely curb your craving, but it will cut down on the amount of “bad” stuff you eat… and add lots of vegetables to your meals, again it wont stop you from eating the stuff you want, but you’ll end up eating less of it…

Answer #2

Maybe you have an eating disorder or just a disorder. If your family does the same thing than something maybe wrong.

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