Are there alternatives to testosterone shots for female to male transgenders(something not involving needles)?

Answer #1

Whats wrong with needles?

Answer #2

I’m afraid of them and grossed out by them at the same time.

Answer #3

Well, learn to get used to them and are u sure you are 16? i thought this was something for old people.

Answer #4

Yes there are. You can get testosterone patches. As far as I know you cannot take it orally, as there can be dangerous side effects. But take a look at the patches, they could be a good option.

Answer #5

I am 23, Im a post graduate student in medical sciences, and I am terrified of needles. Why do you get to decide what someone can and cant be afraid of?

Answer #6

Did i ever say what he should be afraid of, Danielle? No, i simply stated that he should get used to it. which is true, you cant go through life being terrified of needles seeing as how they are used frequently in life.

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