What are the side affects of getting 5 needle shots in one day?

So, the clinic sent my house a note stating that I will need all my 5 vaccines that I missed or else my school will suspend me. I went to the clincic and they gave me 2 needle shots with 5 doses, because im missing 5 vaccines. And I just want to know the side affects. My head is killing me right now and im just wondering if its the side affect or if its just me

Answer #1

the doctors know what theyre doing so they wouldnt give you more vaccines than you should get in a day and they wouldnt combined any drugs that would hurt you. if you just recently got the shots and the headache started after that then it could be one of the minor side effects of one of the drugs. try to sleep it off. if that doesnt help and tylenol fails and your headache get unbearable contact your doctor or go to the hospital and im sure that if nothing else is wrong they will give you some good pain medicine;)

Answer #2

you need to ask the doctor at the clinic or nurse what vaccines they gave you and what the side effects for taking so many in a day are

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