Is it physically possible for a straight male to be unable to get an erection for females other than the one they love?

I’ve read about it, heard about it. I saw a man ask about something like this wondering if he had erectile dysfunction on FA a long time ago. Is it actually physically possible?

Answer #1

Yes, it is. Believe it or not, there are many men who cannot stand there, brazen and erect, surrounded by one or twenty hot females. These types of men are usually the thinking and analysing types, who are able to feel performance anxiety with a stranger.
. Of course they’d rather not admit it :) Although from a woman’s perspective it may be more preferable! Ok guys, ‘fess up….

Answer #2

Anxiety can get in the way, but I don’t think love has much to do with it.

Answer #3

I’ve heard and read about men claiming that they can’t get erect for anyone other than their girls. No clue though.

Answer #4

Wow, interesting weird fact.

Answer #5

Not that many men are put in a room with a stranger female and told to have sex. Most males that will admit that it sounds wonderful and who say that they are sure that it will work have never been in such a situation. The majority of males will not get the erection under such anxiety until the woman will make them feel comfortable. If the male feels extremely guilty about the one they love then that stress will get in the way and they will not be able to get an erection.

Answer #6

You are describing any age men or certain age group?

Answer #7

That is another variable of possible hundreds. A younger person that is not shy and have a slight fetish or tendency toward voyeurism and being exposed will have zero problems. Those are the guys that can make a living in porn where they are told by a director to show up at some apartment at a certain time and play a sexual role with a stranger. These males are also the type that go out and have sex with prostitute as that is what works for them. ( I am comparing two extremes here as most males will fall in between). Other males that have been shy most of their life and who are extremely self conscious will have problems at all times. Even with the one they love. This type can only achieve erection via pornography or in the dark with the one they love and after a lot of reassurance. Age is less important than mental anxiety even thought it still plays a role as testosterone levels will steadily decline after a certain age.

Answer #8

I was referring to something like this.

Answer #9

I guess you’d call it situational ED, caused by anxiety. Could be that it took a long time for him to even get used to his girlfriend but regardless, he doesn’t function like a normal male. Does it matter? Probably not.

Answer #10

Oh ok thanks that explains alot of what i was thinking. :)

Answer #11

Well according too my mother my dad was like that and that’s how she explains why he has never been with another woman after her because he still loves her.

Answer #12

Yes definetly it is possible.but it is not because of any physical i consider my case i would never have a hard on infront of a unknown girl inviting me for sex as my upbringing and moral value will gush up a feel of guilt and i would just run out of there and i belive many of us would do the same.

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