How do I get rid of a fear of shots?

I have to get my h1n1 shot tomorrow and I am terrified!!I ve tried thinking of something else and not looking at the needle, but none of them work!

Answer #1

I am terrfies of shots to. but I’v gotten over it. after getting so many shots you get used to the pain. just have them count down 1..2..3..then close your eyes and squint as hard as you can. before you know it it’ll all be over. dont worry h1n1 shots dont even hurt.

Answer #2

Any idiot who gets this needle deserves to get H1N1.

Yeah, and they ARE getting it, that’s how preventative vaccinations work…

Do I have a brain if I let myself get injected with disease that’s killing people?

Well, you’ve certainly been brainwashed by the media. They’ve really drawn out this H1N1 thing, and have made a F-TONNE of money from marketing this (finger quotes) ‘’possible epidemic’’ …when in truth, its actually WEAKER than the typical annual flu virus.

During a typical year in the United States, 30,000 to 50,000 persons die as a result of influenza viral infection. That’s EVERY YEAR. For comparison, do some research, and learn how many people have died from H1N1… just for comparison.

So stop watching TV…

The ignorance is contagious… and there’s NO vaccine for that.

Answer #3

well I have sneaky veins that run and hide when a needle come close to my arm the h1n1 shot is okay because they dont have to find a vein so what I did when I got the h1n1 was after they put the alcohol rub on the spot I say 1 2 3 shoot then it ovr dont worry it will be ovr or what I do is say oh thats a nice scrub you have on to the nurse that will start a convo. then it will b over before she tells you where she got it from.

sorry so long

Answer #4

…get shots more often…

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