aliens...are they real?

um I know this probalysssounds really weird and stupid…but I have always wondered are aliens real…?caus the internet…say they might be real…and have seen ufos… thanx a million…

Answer #1

They would not be on the news… If government was the one to find them, they would definitely hide that fact for many reasons.

Answer #2

if you believe in them. I do. :)

Answer #3

yup theyr realll, they loook like Micheal Jackson and dance like Stewie from family guy :P

but yeahhh there reall.

Answer #4

I dont think theyre real…my teachers all think they dont exist so yea

Answer #5

If any were truly found they would be on the news 24/7 for a year - I don’t believe.

Answer #6

yes they are real, I sen it on a cop show, yu can google it

Answer #7

If by that you mean have we been visited? At the speed of light it would take about 2.5 million years to get here from the nearest galaxy Andromeda But perhaps the aliens are say, 500,000 years more advanced than us. Perhaps they’ve found ways to increase their lifespane, discovered how to manipulate the laws of physics, use energy from the galaxies, and shorten their exploration around the universe.

I don’t think it’s IMPOSSIBLE. People may mistake things that might have a logical explanaiton as UFOs, but I’ve seen evidence that seems to me to be genuine alien UFO sightigs.

Others claim to have been abducted, they speak of experiments and reproduction(children) between them- Usually described as humanoid, around 4 ft tall, non threatning physical appearance, with a large head and black eyes.

In terms of biology, Evolution is going to want the sensory organs at the front of the body- greeting the enviornment first, and experts think they have evolved a few times here on Earth the humanoid shape does have disadvantages that come with it, that would be made up for with intelligence. The biological law is that the more brain mass relative to the size of the body, the more will be available for cognitive tasks- thinking skills, so these guys must be of superior intelligence. But it looks like they’ve been around for a while, I mean they don’t look good for nothing, they have like machines and computers doing everything for them. There have also been a few other alien discriptions.

While some people may be mistaken or full of it, skeptics also have alternative explanations for alien abductions, having to do with sleep paralysis, with scant evidence to back up there claim.

But if aliens happened to come across our solar system, as improbable as that may be, I think that they would be a little interested. Maybe they were looking for life like us, for whatever reason.

Answer #8

not really but a little bit but im sraced of them in my dreams

Answer #9

yes of course they are real. it is like a religion in a way. you either believe or don’t. you don’t get anything from either one. I believe they are real because anyone who believes in god would have to agree with me when I say that god would not have made this whole entire universe just for our species.’they are DEFINITELY real.

Answer #10

don’t listen to all the people that say there real because there not! And anyway if they were we would know by now because I dont know who, but thousands of people would hunt them down trap them and probaly do DNA testing and stuff and then kill them. But other wise that nooo there not real. And for all the people that think they are I’m sorry but your wrong. Who knows they could be in the future, but for now noo. No sign of them. I can’t believe this.. I’m 9 years old and I know more. Wow! And on movies, shows or google they may say there real but they don’t know yet. They may try and prove there real but no one has proved it. Like on this show they tried to prove that big foot was real, but is he? Nooo! And they also tried to prove ghosts are real. Nooo. Spirits maybe but there not exactly like ghosts there like lost souls roaming the earth trying to find out what happend. But no Aliens aren’t real. But who knows maybe in the future.

Answer #11

I think they’re real. Nobody knows whats out of our galaxy…

Answer #12

I believe there are aliens out there, but they are very closely related to us. It’s just that they are more intelligent. There are also many aliens on earth, helping us out with technology and stuff. I believe that they will also help us achieve space flight. I also believe that some thing related to aliens will be in the news again in 2012. and again these are my opinions.

Answer #13

I don’t think they are real ,, What would they make their UFO’s out of ? Hmmm ,, Well I did hear that they are little ‘bugs’ on Mars but I don’t believe in the other ones Lol .

Peace <33

Answer #14

If aliens have made it to planet Earth, they would have enough sense to not harm our planet.

Answer #15

im terrified of them… but yea they probaly would be on the news…

Answer #16

If they were real, then they would have already harmed our planet. So, no they aren’t real.

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