Did the aliens build the pyramids?

What is the theory about how the aliens built the Egyptian pyramids? What “evidence” do they have?

Answer #1

Well y’all, aliens might not exist now, but who’s to say they did not exist at the times that the pyramids were build. Maybe mars had some form of intelligence that was there for millions of years, but somehow perished. Here is some useful info. Don’t close your minds to possibilities.

Answer #2

Yes, they used mind power to levitate the stones up and also to cut them. They may also have used tones from some people united in this method. ( Joshua , by the sound from a trumpet , collapsed the Jericho walls ) They were definitely not built by materialistic science as so many people of today fall down and worship. People today cannot built such a precise structure.

Answer #3

I think that people underestimate human power and creativity.

Answer #4

Well,.. Think about it . I mean really think about it. One of the inner stones in the Great Pyramid weighs a mere 80 tons! This is inside, wall. They are precisely placed to the 6th power of pi, oh, and do not forget pi was not even known until the 6th century or there abouts. We have nothing in this PRESENT Day that could build a pyramid in the time, the Egytians took to build the three main pyramids at Giza. There is no Human on Earth that could build these, today. Now, lets look at logistics do you really think there were 37,000 slaves available in Ancient Egypt? No we are not alone, and someday they will visit us again.

Answer #5

“you do know that aliens are not real right??? lol”

Yes there are billions of stars out there, and there for billions and billions of other planets and Earth is the only one with life on it…that makes so much since…

Like has been said already there proof is a belief that man at that time could not have built them, so there for some one else had to. I don’t think that’s true.

Answer #6

Am not sure, I think the theory links in with the pyramids and Sphynx on Mars. The pyramids on Mars are roughly the same North degree as the pyramids on earth, however people have dismissed it as a trick of light, but the picture of the Sphynx or however you spell it on Mars does actually look like one so yall probably have to see for yourself lol

Answer #7

I guess I have never really seen anything stating that aliens built the pyramids.

I have heard that they may have inspired the building, but the Egyptians built them. ancient man had the same basic intelligence that we now possess, they were completely capable of building something on the grand scale of the pyramids, it is funny how most of the things we call “modern” were actually in use or inspired by an object thousands of years old. the Egyptians were master builders, they did not need extraterrestrial help.

Answer #8

Evidence - none - zip - nada.

Answer #9

you do know that aliens are not real right??? lol

Answer #10

slaves built the pyramids from designs written by egyptian engineers of the time. we have recreated how they were able to move boulders and stuff like that. They took advantage of the weight of sand to catapolt large stones or something like that. Not too sure of the details but there are some nice theories that explain humans building the pyramids without the need of alien intervention.

Answer #11

krissrodriguezgirl306: I didn’t say I believed in aliens, nor that I believe in this theory. It’s just something I was curious about, and I wanted to hear their arguement.

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