Was this an alien that zapped at me?

I think theres an alien in my house.I was walking and I saw this thing go across my kitchen it wasnt a ghost it was a sold thing and I swear it shot at me with one of those blue electric current guns it zapped the wall I only saw it 4 5 secs im scared itll use the body snatch on me or my family dont think im wierd I just wanna know if im insane

Answer #1

and I only had a few puffs that nite(pot).

Now see…THERE is your REAL problem…

Answer #2

I kind of think you answered your own question by saying I had a few puffs… maybe there are aliens out there but seriously in your house ? come on

Answer #3

wow, um, I dont think your insane, maybe you were just seeing things, I do that too sometimes. But I wouldnt tell anyone if I were you, they might think you are.

Answer #4

Something like that happened to me but I was staring at it but when I blinked my eyes it was gone,big chances are you saw an illusion and your mind was playing tricks on you,happens a lot. Plus aliens don’t exist.

Answer #5

Just don’t bug it and it won’t bug you. But then, it has no right to be zapping you at your own house. So next time, be ready to beat the hell out of it.

Answer #6

how sure are you it was an alien ? what time of the day was it? are you sure you wern’t drunk? or maybe even hallucinating?

Answer #7

nah your not insane…you probably had a illusion? dream? were you on drugs?? ((no offense)) well NO one knows if theres really aliens.. I mean if there were thy just might be trying to figure out what WE are just like were trying to figure THM out.. thyre just as curious about other living forms ((thts if there is any lol)) but it was probably a light 4rm outside or something… don’t wrry I don’t think thyll body snatch you because thy love you and your awesome lmao but 4reals don’t wry about it… if it happens again just funmail me!! I wanna know wats going on :)

Answer #8

No I agree with nirvanafan, you’re not crazy and I believe you because the same thing happened to me (what are the chances, huh) about a month ago but I called the Ghostbusters and that alien ran like hell out of my house, it got out of there so fast that it dropped it’s little lame zap gun behind and I threw it at him as he ran away, just call the proper authorities and that alien will be back to his own lame galaxy in no time

Answer #9

um was it a flashback from the last time you took lsd?

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