How do aliens walk in outer space with no gravity?

Cause it can remain as an unknown conclusion about what goes on in their lives in outer space.

Answer #1

#1 nobody knows if aliens exist or not #2 there is gravity in outer space. the only thing that differs is the amount of gravity

Answer #2

They the (Aliens) have Sex with the Astronauts and they control their movements by having their penises in the butts and that’s how they stay grounded with no gravity. LOL.

Answer #3

How do you know they’re walking around in space? Where did you see this footage?

Answer #4

thats a question no one can answer because while I do beleive in aliens know one has seen them on there home planets walking, floating, ect and no one has even been to a planet with that kind of alien life on it we dont know how aliens live, breath, what there made up of and what there planets are made up of either

Answer #5

Every planet has gravity. If it didnt there wouldnt be anything holding the planet together.

Answer #6

I highly suggest you go ask an alien mate..! Im assuming that you BELEIVE there are aliens…Yeah me too but I dont believe they just go walking around in outer space.

Answer #7

Yep Whatt They Said↑ Randomly Starts Floating Away xD

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