What do you think of Alex Jones and a lot of his views?

Answer #1

If he is right, we are f-uked!!!

Answer #2

Well he has a lot of different videos and books.

Answer #3

I like Alex. Especially when he interviews people like Webster Griffin Tarpley… Paul Craig Roberts… Max Keiser… G. Edward Griffin… Bob Chapman. Mike Rivero was my favorite guest… but there was a slight falling out. I found Alex organically a number of years ago… and although I differ somewhat on a few issues… I have never found an occasion when he intentionally misled his audience. He does come across as bombastic and alarmist… but I chalk that up to the showmanship. Like I said earlier… the real value in Alex Jones is his ability to give dissident scholarship a venue for wider audience.

Answer #4

I wonder if there is any truth to him being a disinformationist. Did they let him into bohemian grove or did he really sneak in? that would be an incredibly hard place to sneak into I would imagine.

Answer #5

i mean not only do you have tight security, but satan himself is running around there somewhere. i would be way to frightened to go sneaking around those woods alone. eeeke

Answer #6

I don’t see him as disinfo. I do a good deal of research into many of the same topics he discusses on his show. Although I sometimes disagree on his take on the facts provided… I haven’t come across any instance in which he provided false information. I also visit the sites of some of his detractors… and I respect their analyses… however in my view… their differences with Alex Jones are typically superficial. He and Bill Cooper [who predicted 9/11 would be done in house and blamed on Bin Laden] had a feud. Bill was slain by his sheriff’s dept shortly after 9/11 with trumped up charges of resisting arrest. Alex Jones and Mike Rivero… another expert I follow… have developed a rift. I am no blind follower of Alex Jones… but I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. He provides a venue for too many legitimate pains in the establishment’s collective ass like Wayne Madsen… John Young… Ron Paul… Paul Craig Roberts… Jim Tucker… Webster Tarpley…etc. I find people like Michael Savage… Glenn Beck to be disinfo. Alex is involved with the Conspiracy Theory show with Jesse Ventura. Ventura is legitimate in my eyes as well… although I think that the show… Conspiracy Theory is a subtle attempt to discredit the conspiracies it showcases. It is produced with the same veneer the rest of TRU TV’s shows display… giving the all too real descriptions of a lot of the conspiracies of the show… the sense of staging that a show like Operation Repo exhibits.
Concerning the Bohemian Grove breach… this was done at a time before most outsiders were aware there was a Bohemian Grove…and before Alex Jones was widely known outside of his cable access show in Austin. Watching the film… I didn’t get the impression of it being staged at any point either… though the guy accompanying Alex… Jon Ronson… the man who wrote The Men who Stare at Goats… is suspicious to me. He used the footage of the Bohemian Grove infiltration to try and paint Alex Jones as a lunatic trying to confer evil intentions to elitists merely reliving their college skull and bones days.
Sorry to respond so late to this.

Answer #7

Hmmm, well i keep tabs on all of them. I used to be a bif Beck fan, but he seems to be to much of an alrmist. I think he is just in it to promote Gold, or maybe canned food. LOL. After all, he is a mormon. :)

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