What do you think of the war?

Hi :) I’m just wondering on what ya’ll think of the war. I wanna hear some different opinions. ha ha thanks :)

Answer #1

I bet the previous individuals who answered this question believe that 9/11 was an inside job as well (smirk) I’ve been doing research on Islam and it’s fundamentalist/extremist society of Muslims for quite a while now. Let me tell you, going to war with the middle east was the best possible solution. The middle east is the training ground for western hating future extremists. The only moderate Muslims are the ones which live in the U.S., but they’re only moderate because we won’t put up with their shit. But even in the U.S., there’s a terrorist group in NEW YORK which threatened the creators of South Park, Matt and Trey with DEATH because of the recent SP episode which even censored the Mohammad character and every instance of the name Mohammad being said. So trust me people, this time, we REALLY are fighting people who, besides wanting us dead, want to take our rights away in the process. Muslims aren’t like Christians, they take every word of the Qur’an, LITERALLY. The Qur’an teaches Jihad, Jihad means the DEATH of all non-Muslims and the expansion of Islamic territory. They’re already in the process of taking over Western Europe, currently trying to impose Sharia Law onto nations like England. Sharia law, if you don’t know, is the “justice” system they use in middle eastern countries. Examples of Sharia law are the stoning of women, killing of gays, monogamy, etc. American soldiers aren’t dying in vain, because the people our soldiers are fighting are a threat to western civilization. I would thank anyone who tells me I’m Islamaphobic and take it as a compliment, as I equally fear and despise Nazi’s. To anyone who has the urge to call me a racist, please don’t demean the word by calling me one, because Islam is a belief system, not a race.

Answer #2

There has to be a war. period.

Without it, america would be taken over.

Answer #3

This war in Iraq is predicated upon lies. The Nigerian Yellowcake fraud paved the way for our entrance into Iraq… it fooled the American populace into believing Saddam Hussein’s regime was purchasing the ingredients for nuclear weapons. SISMI…Italian intelligence… has admitted that their intelligence was entirely concocted by Michael Ledeen.

The Downing Street memos prove that war in Iraq had been in the planning stages for some time before the revelation of the Nigerian Yellowcake mock up.

But we are still there… killing millions. We are in Afghanistan… probably Pakistan… chomping at the bit to invade Iran… after all… the same people who sold us on the Nigerian Yellowcake frame are now busy trying to sell us similar tall tales about Iran. We are incurring more and more taxes and bills of extortion… pundits and bankers are debating cutting social programs that we have paid into all of our lives to settle debts to the banks so that we can continue to wage war and replenish the coffers of the elite. Brown people die… American soldiers take their lives… the American people are losing their livelihoods… and the fat cats are using their media outlets to keep these killing fields producing their yields.

Where is President Obama and his presidency of change? I say he is looking out for his bosses and their best interest. Where are all of the democrats on FA who were very vocal when President Bush was at the helm of this bloodthirsty juggernaut? Hopefully they are reconsidering their long held notions on polity.


Answer #4

wich one? If youre refering to the ones with the U.S. we are at war with noth korea as well as the middle east. I was always taught in school that 2 negatives don’t eaqual a positive. So they bomb us and our leaders who have had a lot more schooling than me decide to bomb them. Hmmm sounds like to negatives to me, that will never equal something positive. I also stand by the infamous Alex Jones and his views on a one world nation aka NWO. Check out his views on you tube or just by google

Answer #5

I want all our troops home. Then nuke the entire Arab peninsula.

Answer #6

I think war in general doesn’t do any good, EVER.

Answer #7

I did youre desert storm,unfortnaly we did not take bin laden out,I will try my best next time

Answer #8

I don’t condone war…period.

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