Does this mean I'm agnostic?

If I don’t believe really a word of the Bible, yet I don’t want to call myself a true atheist because I think there might be just a small possiblility of a God…does that mean I’m agnostic? Anyone that is agnostic, or knows what I’m talking about, is this what agnostic means?

Answer #1

are far as I understand: athiest is when you don’t believe in any religion…god or whatever. agnostic is when you’re not sure what you believe in. like you believe there is something out there, but not a god. I think :/

Answer #2

That’s very close geriann…

To answer the thread topic, there are several types of agnostics. I suggest you research ‘Agnosticism’ on the web (Wikipedia now has a thorough listing), to determine what best suits you. From what you’ve said, I’d consider you to be an ‘Agnostic Theist’

Personally, I’m more of a ‘Strong Agnostic’ …with a little ‘Agnostic Theist’ sprinkled on top.

Answer #3

im agnostic and thats prety mutch what it meens it meens your not saying there is a god but your not saying there isnt atheist belive there is no god agnostics belive there is a posability that there could be a god but threre not so shure

Answer #4

agnosticism is the viewpoint that ultimate truths (such as the existance of god(s)) are unknowable.

atheism is not believing in any god.

I’m both. I don’t believe in god(s) but I admit that since there is no way to disprove their existance that I have to accept the possibility that such a thing exists.

Answer #5

Filletofspam knows exactly what he’s talking about. There are lots of things in life that we either believe or disbelieve based on the evidence available. After looking at the “evidence” for theism, I find that I cannot believe in any gods. Therefore, I am an atheist. I admit that there may be a god but I just don’t see any evidence of it.

So, to answer your question, your label depends on what you believe about the existence of gods. And I don’t think labels are nearly as important as how we treat one another.

Answer #6

You could ask captainassassin, but in any case I still refuse to admit the existence of agnostics. Therefore, you don’t exist.

And just a friendly reminder: Christianity isn’t the only religion. A lot of people seem to think you’re either atheist or Christian (or agnostic), but there ARE other options.

Answer #7

I KNOW THERE IS A GOD. I am 13 years old. Usualy thirteen year olds arnt very interested in god. I do not go to church very often Because church is a people a people is every where and Wheather you go to church or not it does not deturmin wheather your faith is strong or not. I do not say that christianity is the dominant or best or The right religion I believe that god is. I have spoke to him. He has given me Hope and I have dreamed of a new tomorrow. I am not acting “high and mighty” I am Hoping I can see every one of you beside me when the lord comes and Gathers his people. He has not lost hope. Scientists say he doesnt exsist but they will be the ones on there knees begging for foregiveness. I have stood beside jesus in my dreams. Though he did not show his face. he knows I am still fleshh my body is human.he new id go to far he for the reason he didnt reveal himseIf. I want all of you to know he has undieing love for all of you. And I want you to know I am human like you and Gamboy I’ve noticed you want to levitate and other things. You wont find it the way you are looking God said seek and you shall find. he ment that in everyway there is no limit on his word. I ask you to really read the bible it wont answer some but all of your questions Have faith so I can see you some day The End will be here soon Every one needs to get there mind straight. Criss angel is a lie and not of god. David blaine is not inoccent but im not to say if he is or isnot of god he is a simple magician full of illusion. But the greatest Trick is the devil dont let him fool you. If you could see in the spirit right now you would see demons all around you on walls on the ceiling all waiting for you to make a mistake but You know why they havent tore you apart yet. Because god has you in his hand The devil cant Harm you without permission from the all mighty. god blew his breath into your body creating your soul and jesus claimed you individual power and owned you the right to clear all of your sins on Command Rebuke santan in the name of jesus. You have so much power All demons have no choice but to flea at your command The only thing is you have to love god the way you can, for it is impossible for a individual to love god the way god loves you. God has absolute love. He created us with a mind because he did not want slaves he wanted us to have free will and love him by choice. Unfortunately some of us made the wrong decision And god still loves you the way he did before. its a shame. Personally I would have lost patience but thats because im just like you. We complete him. together. Im you your me we’re him.

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