Answer #1

Agnostics believe that the existence of god, heaven, etc. is unknown and impossible to prove or disprove. Agnosticism isn’t so much a religion but more like a concept. They believe that the existence and non existence of god has been argued for centuries by theologians and philosophers but neither side is convincing or conclusive. Sorta like “I don’t know and you don’t either” Right now, I’m pretty much agnostic and I think it sounds like rational thinking.

Answer #2

Okay well I know of more then one definition and not all of it relates to religion;

1.) Has to experience something to believe it. 2.) Denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in things. 3.) Asserts the uncertainty of what is said to be fact.

Answer #3

An agnostic may or may not believe in the existence of a God, or have a doubt, and generally has no set religion.

Basically, they’re fence-sitters.

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