Afraid of dark

How many people are afraid of the dark?

Answer #1

I am… and Im claustrophobic… and one time the power when out while I was in the shower! It was total darkness.. and I was naked.. and wet… I coulda passed out! Horrible experience!

Answer #2

being afraid of the dark is natural and it’s being afraid of what’s unknown in it that scares us…

but to answer the question, no, I’ve live in a house that’s haunted since I was 2, so I got used to it and I don’t freak as easily…

Answer #3

I am! I always imagine like there’s something next to me or something. freaky

Answer #4

I am..but I only hate pitch black darkness..and I don’t like going outside by myself at night time for some stupid reason lol!

Answer #5

I am!!

Answer #6

me me me me me!try using a nighty lighty I do!

Answer #7

I did but then it went out and then I lost it then I found it and it blow my power out then I tried to take out the light and it basically fall apart and I cant afford another one right now.

Answer #8

I am!!!

Answer #9

I AM I hate it! I get so scared and breath hard and fast I always have to be with someone and holding someones hand I get so freaked!

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