What are some good adult series that are out there?

I like series like Dexter, Spartacus - Blood And Sand, Big Love.

Answer #1

Sons of Anarchy, which is about a motorcycle gang, House,but thats like the most complicated medical drama to follow ever…Supernatural… Smallville… Scrubs…The Mentalist.

Answer #2

Not quit what I was looking for, it has to have drama, action, sex, violence, nudity, etc like the ones I listed. Me and my wife love the series like that, we can pick on each other a bit during the show.

Answer #3

Well… sons of anarchy defo has the violence… probs not as extreme as Dexter though lol

Answer #4

You know whats really cheesy but i love? Burn Notice. it makes it seem like anybody can be a superhero if you can make napalm and drive fast.

Answer #5

Yes I have seen that one, not quit what I am looking for.

Answer #6

Anarchy, any sex, nudity, adult drama, also have you seen Spartacus - Blood And Sand, we love that, sometimes the gore, may be to much for my wife, but she love the dudes in the series.

Answer #7

no ive not heard of blood and sand or spartacus… i dont know if we get it in the uk but will check it out on utube!

Answer #8

Dexter and Spartacus are hard to compare because they are so great. Have you seen trueblood? Weeds has the drama, not so much action. Tudors is good. Here are some mid evil war movies lord of the rings trilogy Braveheart troy gladiator Eragon 300 Pathfinder kingdom of heaven Messenger: Joan of Arc Mongol The Last Legion Beowulf The Last Samurai Alexander King Arthur Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves The 13th Warrior Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale El Cid Excalibur The Castilian Henry V (1945) Alfred the Great Lionheart (1987) Richard III (1955) The Bruce (1996) The Crusades (1935) The Royal Hunt of the Sun Aguirre: The Wrath of God The Black Shield of Falworth The Fighting Prince of Donegal King Richard and the Crusaders (1954)

Answer #9

Yes I know, I don’t know how they where compared to burn notice.

Answer #10

United States of Tara and The Big C are pretty good.

Answer #11

Haha, its just sorta good in its own way lol

Answer #12

If you like Spatacus you’ll probably like ‘Rome’. It starts off a little slow for the first three or four episodes but then it becomes highly addictive.

Burn Notice and The Unit are good if you like the Special Operations / Spy type programs.

For a good laugh you definetly need to watch ‘The In-betweeners’. It’s a brit comedy that goes into the life of a couple of high-school kids who aren’t popular or geeks, definetly worth a watch.

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