Good tv series 2009

Are there any good series left to watch ? I have everything up untill now Supernatural Smallville Night rider Mentalist Wolverine and the x-men

It seems like there are no good series comming out these days Does anyone know any good and new series ?

Answer #1

Harper’s Island, this series just arrived on our screen 2 weeks ago and I’m hooked.

lol if your after a good australian made series try our Home & Away… hehe its very popular amongst the teens

Answer #2

If you like the Mentalist, you may like Castle (or even NCIS - although not new). If you like comedies I STRONGLY recommend The Big Bang Theory (in it’s second year). Good Luck!!

Answer #3

I like The Unusual s,Rescue Me,Heroes plus a few more try going to its a really good user friendly website with updated info on tv shows & a watch list to keep track.

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