What are some good vampire movie series or just movies?

no twilight vampire diaries true blood i already watched though’s

Answer #1

Vampires suck? Okay that movie wasn’t that great.

Answer #2

yeah, it wasn’t, it was kind of weird, any other ideas???

Answer #3

Queen of the Damn Buffy the Vampire Slayer interview with the Vampire Dracula 2000 Van Helsing The (Blade) movie series Underworld 1 & 2 From dusk til dawn John carpenter’s the vampire The Lost Boys Daybreaker 30 days of night 28 days later Bloodrayne I am legend & tons more

Answer #4

Those are all some of the greatest original vampires movies known to man.

Answer #5

I know, there great!

Answer #6

Queen of the damned The Horror of Dracula The Brides of Dracula Bram Stokers Dracula Vampire Lovers Dracula(1931) Nosferatu

Answer #7


Answer #8

Interview with the vampire is one of my favorites

Answer #9

I’ve just started watching True Blood…I love the Vampire Diaries

Answer #10

wow! thanx

Answer #11

me too! vampire diaries is my favorite series….. have you ever read the chronicles of vladimir todd?? its a about a half vamp boy with powers and well read it for your self.

Answer #12


Answer #13

il check it out… whats the newest dracula movie?

Answer #14

Your welcome :)

Answer #15

I love both of those shows!!

Answer #16

I quite like the series True Blood, if you havent seen it then i definately reccomend it.

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