Can anyone tell me if the series called "SUPERNATURAL" is any good?

I just downloaded one episode from net, and that was kind of cool, but I wanna know if it’s worth it get any more of it?

Answer #1

It’s good if your into like creepy, scary shows. I watched it once because I thought it was like smallville but it was nothing like it.

Answer #2

Well, then I should like it :) Thanx.

Answer #3

its a nice …. one . present episodes g going more interesting …. u should start watching it ……..

Answer #4

I have watched every season from the beginning and absolutely LOVE the show. There’s a sense of darker humor, suspense, thriller, and horror all rolled into the show.

Answer #5

I’ve watched almost all of them and love them!

Answer #6

I love Supernatural. I strongly suggets you watch it.

Answer #7

Well, I have now downloaded the first 5 seasons, so I should have enough to do for a while :P

Answer #8

I will :)

Answer #9

I love it! Actually it was kinda slow in the beginning (and I asked this same question), but after the first couple of episodes I was hooked!

Answer #10

I have downloaded the first five seasons from net, and started watcing today. I saw the pilot plus the two first real episodes in one go :P

Answer #11

it is very good! i love it! :D

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