I need good ideas for entertainment ( games) adult ones

I’m having a party and we are all bored, were all teenagers and we need some sweet fun ideas! nothing childish

Answer #1

strip poker:p jk

Answer #2

Oo. Another fun game is when you sit in a circle and one person stand in the middle. The person in the middle looks down on someone and says “Honey, you know I love you; bu why won’t you smile today?”

If the person sitting can reply “I love you too, honey, but I just can’t smile” without smiling trades places.

It’s fun :]

Answer #3

You’re having the party right now? Fun fun.

Anyways… here’s one… write the names of people you know on paper (people not at the party) pick them out of a hat and then tell a story about them and someone from the party.

That might be boring though, if you aren’t good at telling stories.

Answer #4

20 questions? and yeah, spin the bottle..

Answer #5

orgys are cool

Answer #6

spin the bottle and make out in the wardrobe:D lol

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