Activities for little ones.

I’ve recently started childcare in my home. I’m looking for ideas to “entertain” them. They are ages 1-2. Any ideas will be great help. Thanks!!

Answer #1

finger paints, blocks, chalks, coloring, going to a park or the beach, swimming!!, or cooking

Answer #2

It will be hell on your ears but 1 & 2 year olds love things that make noise. The louder the better.

Answer #3

well when I was two a large box with a door cut out was the most entertaining thing EVER lol good luck

Answer #4

Lots and lots of noise and interactive games…

Answer #5

barney video tape

Answer #6

Sidewalk Chalk in the driveway Hunting for Dinosaurs (hide dinosaurs in plain view around the house, kind of like easter egg hunting) Fingerprint Art (use a stamp pad with non-toxic ink, they can make pictures using their fingerprints) Paper Plate Masks Musical instruments (like drums, bells, shakers) that they can grasp and manipulate are great ways of play Reading Time (read outloud) Legos, Blocks, Anything they have to stack. 1 year old’s love that.

Answer #7

lol yes cardboard box and pans with wooden spoons for drums! a mini kitchen with pretend food and ironing board
hot wheels cars and a garage with a floor road mat train set (wooden or plastic) leave the track out and asisst them to build it Making things to give their mum; drawing/ paintings stick on pasta and glitter or cotton wool a slide (junior size) sit on cars they can push along / trikes toy buggies and dollies with clothes jigsaw puzzles visual games like big card games where they have to match a pair have ‘tidy up time’ where they all help keep activities seperate with plenty of room between each one. ahh playgroup memories , I can almost smell the play doh!!

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