What to do when I babysit two little girls?

Over the summer, im getting a babysitting job, $10.00 an hour babysitting a little 4 year old and two 2 year olds. the 4 year old is a girl, and one 2 year old is a boy, other a girl. Im not sure what kind of fun things to do with them?? I dont want like playing with markers, or painting, because I dont want the house to be all messy. Also what if they start crying? What can I do to make them stop? I dont want them to not stop crying and the parents walk in and be like “wtf?”, I want to responsible with the kids. My mom works in a daycare, and she watches the little kids during the school year but not in the summer (which is why I am) so if anything goes wrong I can call her and im sure she can fix it. (They live a block away from us) Id rather do it myself though(:

Any advice is welcome! Thanks so much!

Answer #1

Kids are so easy to amuse ,, and if they cry you just tell them it’s ok and make them laugh and they stop straight away . . That age is easy ,, just watch a movie maybe ? Play board games ,, colour ,, don’t paint ,, make them lunch/dinner/snack ,, let them have some sneaky sweets and tell them not to tell there parents so they think there cool and sneaky (but ask there parents if sweets are ok first) ,, play outside if it’s early ,, play doh ,, dolls ,, boy toys aswell ,, get them to show you there favourite toys and let them play seperatly but be part of all there games taking turns of playing with each of them ,, dress up ,, fasion show ,, just silly games x

Answer #2

Well if you ever feel like you need help, go for it! Its responsible to ask for help when you need it then try to handle it all on your own.

As for the kids, they’re more prone to feel what you feel. It starts by being sweet and having a good nice caring smile towards them. I’m not sure if what I’m saying is true but I have noticed this with plenty of other babies. Especially my little sister so it helps to smile (shes 6).

For games, I think the parents of the kids your taking care of have certain toys for the kids. Try and use those and expand on the creativity of the toy. You can also try singing with them.

Some tips I found on this webpage http://www.nncc.org/Child.Dev/ages.stages.2y.html

~Provide newspaper, flattened grocery sacks, and computer scraps for drawing and painting. Color books, workbooks, and ditto sheets are not recommended.

~Provide spaces where toddlers can spend time alone. An old cardboard box or a blanket over a card table works great.

~Provide safe outlets for physical activity and space exploration like small steps, boxes, barrels, tires, pulling and pushing toys, ride-on and ride-in toys.

~Play “parade” or “follow the leader.” Sing sequential songs like “Old MacDonald” to explain sequences.

You can always ask your mother for advice, she seems to be the most experienced one. If the toddler start crying then take a minute to pick them up and try to soothe them. It doesn’t help if your stressed out by all of this. You have to be in control. Remember to have healthy snacks ready for them and set up a schedule of what to do. Don’t make it sophisticated though. Plain, simple, and easy to follow. Remember not to have any sort of candy with the snacks – thats a no go. More importantly, enjoy the time your spending with the kids. Its a valuable experience and its basically practice for yourself. Learning how to cope with kids at a young age helps a lot!

Hope this helps.

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