What activities can I do with 3 boys?

Okay I’m 13 and I am babysitting tonight and well its a long gig from 3:30 - past 9:00pm and well they complained to me about their other babysitters because all they do is feed them and turn on a movie so I want to be their favorite babysitter [hehe] because I do fun activities with them. The oldest is in Kindergarten the youngest is about maybe one and isn’t fully potty trained [that makes it all fun lol] and the middle one shall be in kindergarten next year I think. They are very very hyper and messy but I would like to have fun with them while their momma is gone for a long while [I want the time to fly] So any ideas from more experianced babysitters?

Answer #1

ok well if they have a yard go out there play ball and catch and I spy and stuff like that,,,

borad games puzzle or a drawing game,,,

the ones I baby sitted were the same ages and they cudnt read but kne how to plzy on the computer,,,

bring treat if they can have any and have them work for it like with games,,,

have them show you around there house or have them show you there toys and asks lots of question there lil and who doesnt like being the center of attention just say wow to everything they wont know your faking it lol

Answer #2

On nice days take them outside to play, if you are in the house turn on some music they can listen to and dance with them.

Answer #3

omg I love those ideas I forgot that one played on the computer a lot ill have to try these tonight thank you both sophie_lea07 and confusedx0gurl I love these ideas

Answer #4

mm how about bakeing? be careful with the cooker though!!, painting? glueing and sticking? hide and seek? buy some sweets and hide them around the living room an let the kids hunt 4 them?

  x sophie-lea x
Answer #5

I have babysat for many years- The kids I watched all enjoyed my “happy bag.” I had a special bag I would bring when I babysat that would have a lot of different activities in it from home, and a lot of toys! Kids enjoy playing with things that are not their own, or that they do not have. For example, I would usually have a few of my barbies from when I was little, and different coloring books. I would find random fun things around my house and put them in the bag. The kids LOVED my bag, and looked forward to seeing what was in it, every time I babysat.

Be creative! You can make the bag really fun!!

Answer #6

playdoh ! my kids are 12 and 8 and they play with the stuff for hours. there are really easy recipies online. kids also love playing schools so you could set up some pencils and paper and get one of them to be the teacher?

Answer #7

“THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA” game and build forts with blankets and furniture. HOURs of fun.

Answer #8

no problems horsecrazed xx

Answer #9

Hide and seek !! its fun yeah I no im 13 sadly to old…

Answer #10

I wach my 2 little cuzins both 2 and 3 and they like to go out and play in the yard

Answer #11

u can do treasure hunts as well.

Answer #12

aww well im glad I cud help =)

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