me little cuzen is 4 and she eats and eats is that normal?

Hi there well am 14 and me little cuzen is 4 and she eats and eats and eats. she will eat a plate mounted upon mounted and then she will want some more is that normal?

Answer #1

Just as long as she’s active and not eating a lot of junk. Try to make sure she’s eating healthy foods and if she starts to put on weight then you might want to either get her more active or cut back her food some. When children are 4 they eat what they are given, so it’s up to her caregiver what she eats. Just watch her to make sure she stays healthy

Answer #2

Depends on what she’s eating. Or she may have a condition?? Could be a medical issue.

Answer #3

Shes probably growing.

Answer #4

yeah I think so as long as she doesen’t go watch tv all day, as long as she exercises

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