Abortion vs. Murder

Ok I have read a bunch of different views on the abortion subject. So ALL my question is, How comes when a person Murders a pregant women, with a fetus inside of her no matter how far she is in her term, They are charged with TWO murders. Please stick to the question.

Answer #1

I happens often enough, that it certainly puts the fetus vs. baby question into the air…and I’ve yet heard the “defense” question the viability of said fetus…as opposition to a muder charge…


Answer #2

good point…need to do some research on that..AWESOME point..I’ll get back 2 ya..going to check the laws in my state and look for cases…

Answer #3

whether it’s been six weeks or six months; the time doesn’t matter. a fetus is always alive. although it’s very small, it gows over time because of the nutrients the mother gives it. so, they are basically murdering two people when someone murders a pregnant woman. a fetus is just a very small version of a human being; a human being in its developing process.

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I would never be able 2 get an abortion but that doesn’t mean other women would want to. I believe that even though I wouldn’t do it myself all women should be able to have that right! Let’s say a 15 year old girl gets raped and when she returns home she is pregnet. She may not want to or be able to go through with it. she should be able to whatever she wants with that baby. she should be able to have the baby and put it up 4 adoption, have the baby and keep it, or get an abortion. she didn’t want to get pregnet and it wasn’t her fault and she is so young. but she should be able to do what ever she wishes. so I believe in abortion if the situation is this or even if a women who is 29 gets pregnet and does not wish to go through with the pregnancy. but I don’t believe in abortion for myself.

Answer #5

There are a lot of pregnant women that are murdered and the murderer is only charged with one count of murder. It depends on the state you live in and the judge that hears the case. There was a case of a 8 month pregnant woman being stabbed by her boyfriend and the baby was born still born…the judge ruled that the murderer couldn’t be charged with murder.

Supposedly the way it works is if the murderer did something to directly kill the baby (not just hurting or murdering the mother) then he/she can be charged with murder…but as I’ve said there are a lot of states and judges who won’t prosecute.

Answer #6

“Although many states now have fetal homicide laws, there are a wide variety of differences about when a fetus is considered living. In Missouri and 17 other states, the laws recognize a fetus as living at the time of conception.” From About.com

The article goes on to say 30 States have a fetal murder statute with varying definitions of when a fetus becomes a human being. So it depends on the laws of the state and facts of the case.

Answer #7

way to stick to the question punkrocker4ever

and like people above have said, it depends, a lot of the times it isnt two murders… if it is, sometimes it depends on the age of the fetus…

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