Why reduce abortion limits in the UK: 24 weeks reduced to 20

Can someone please elaborate, I’m a tad confused! I know that today parliament will vote on whether the abortion limit should be reduced or not I also know that the maximum age of the baby that is aborted is 24 weeks. But why do some believe it should be reduced?

Oh by the way, I don’t want to start a religious debate. I’m not justifying abortion or condemning it.

Answer #1

I dont really care for the reason they changed it but in my opinion I think it should be banned all together, its not right taking an innoncent life and its so brutal how they kill it ad take it out…sorry but any woman that want to have an abortion is a murderer of a baby that cant help for what is happening

Answer #2

Yeah I think it’s because some new studies have shown that at 24 weeks the baby is more developed than they origanally thought. I’m pretty sure this is what they said on the news this afternoon. Hope this helped x

Answer #3

Maby because at 24 weeks there is a lot going on with the fetus. Just think the woman has only 16 weeks aprox. left until birth. I think there should be a limit of only like a couple of months instead of 5 months thats just crazy.

Answer #4

Its because at 23-24 weeks the baby has a small chance of survival, not only that the baby has already grown its main organs and is just growing at this stage.

I think its unexceptable for people to use abortain as a form of contraception. Which many do.

also, at this stage you cant just have a normal abortion, you have to give birth to the fetus. Why go through 5 months of feeling the baby move, going to the scans and having the hormonal changes if you are going to get rid of the baby. Mentally it will be very hard to except and cope afterwoods.

I think the abortion limit should be maximum 3 months. hope this helps. x

Answer #5

Because the baby is less developed – I cant see any other reason.

Answer #6

Yup, they probably proposed it so that women who want the abortion will have to get it sooner, when the fetus is less developed.

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