Is there such thing as an abortion pill or aomething your parents wouldn't be able to find out?

Answer #1

The only morning after pill I know about is Plan-B one step…..If you’re 17 or older its available without a prescription. Just ask for it at the pharmacy counter. If you’re under 17, you’ll need a prescription…Hope I helped in some way!

Answer #2

I don’t believe so, unless you take plan B, but you have to be 17 or 18 and older to get it. You can try going to your local planned perenthood and aso for help there and see what can be done.

Answer #3

Plan B isnt an abortion pill, its a pill that has to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex and it prevents a pregnancy, it doesnt end one. There is an pill version of an abortion, however if your under 18 you can not recieve that type of abortion or any other type without parental consent.

Answer #4

It depends on your state/country laws. There are certain states/countries that allow abortions without parental consent. You need to call your local planned parenthood/reproductive facility to find out. Given you’re in the UK, there’s a high chance that after 16 you will have some rights.

Answer #5

Oh and yes, there is such a thing as an abortion pill (although it only works for a couple of weeks)

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