9/11 attacks

do you think bombs were planted inside the building because if you go to youtube in a video you see and hear FDNY and NYPD talking about another device in the building what do you think

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"what do you think"

I think anyone who seriously believes there is anything to the 9/11 than a group of whacked out religious freaks turning civilian airliners into cruise missiles is deluded.

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my mom thinks so because she says when the buildins fell they "imploded" instead of explodin maenin it sorta fell into itself, she thinks there was someone in side who planted a bomb...

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hhmmm...I have actually never thought of that. it is quite possible that it is true but you tube is a kind of sketchy site. like somethings are true somet hings rnt. I will check it out thou.

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I think it's possible, but I really don't know. The only two motives I can think of for 9/11 are something like the official story, and alternately, an elaborate gold heist. If elements of the government were behind it, they don't seem to have taken advantage of it to the extent that would have been possible.

Bush could have declared indefinite marshal law and become a de facto dictator if he had wanted to - much like Hitler did - but he didn't do it. Further, the US has not taken advantage of the situation to own the oilfields as could have been done.

...what is the proposed objective then?

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it's believed that the terrorists wanted to nock the buldings over so the theory is, is that if there were any bombs in the building it would've been a huge delivery truck in the parking garage under the building and it would have exploded weakening the structure so when the plane hit it would have pushed the bulding over on to other buldings around it, however the delivery truck filled with bombs got stuck in traffic, and the buldings imploded because tey weren't as strong as once believed.

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World Trade Center 7 is proof that there were bombs in those buildings, it collapsed into its own footprint & it wasn't even hit by a plane. Not to mention the molten metal discovered under the rubble weeks later that was beyond the temperature of jet fuel, but hey is was only a savage attack by 19 guys with boxcutters that completely evaded NORAD while hitting 75% of their targets right?

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