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my six yr old son is excellent at school,his teacher loves him but when he gets home he doesn't listen to me until after the 3rd time telling him to do something and it's usually in a yelling form. then he gets attitude and huffs stomps slams things.my fience tells me its b/c I'm not consistant with the punishments that I give. is this true?

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when he gets a really bad attitude give him a chour to keep him from really hurting someone.

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You said a lot without saying much. Your son may not respect you, may not like your fiance (step dads are the Diet coke of fathers to them).

He's six, he should have a list of chores to do anyway by now. If you have a dog, guess who gets to clean up. My 5 year old does the sweeping in the house, sets the table and already folds laundry.
If he back talks once, that should be it. Give a kid something to do and they don't have time or the thought to sass back. I have a 5 and 4 year old. I'm also a stay at home dad so I don't have that "I need my children to love me" guilt. I'm not saying be harsh or loud or mean, just consistent. If you're not going to, law enforcement will be someday, better you handle it first so they don't have too.


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It's POSSIBLE he's feeling some resentment towards you for 'replacing' him (I know you're not...) with your fiance. I don't know how long he's been in your lives, but seeing as how he's only taking it out on YOU, that may be the root of the problem. Another possiblity is that he's upset with something else, feeling overwhelmed as many 6 year olds do, and he feels comfortable enough with you that he can take it out on you. He knows you'll NEVER stop loving him, and he feels safe taking out his frustrations on you because you're Mommy. :)
You say he's otherwise a good child, so that leads me to believe that he is simply acting out with you because there is some underlying problem. You've obviously done a good job because he's good in school (whereas some kids take that as an opportunity to misbehave). Try talking with him. Explain that you love him, you want to know if something is bothering him (and run through a list of possibilities, don't be vague- kids need help opening up too!!), and then explain that disrespect won't be tolerated. That it hurts your feelings because you love him and you know he's better than that. When parents marry or re-marry, it can be really hard on kids- make sure he knows that he will ALWAYS be your number 1 priority, and will hold the number 1 slot in your heart, but that your fiance is important to you too.
This is obviously just based on the assumption that that is the actual problem. I couldn't infer anything else from your question. I hope it helps though.

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he need some physical displine... if you know what I mean... he needs to know that if you say do something you mean do it the 1St time and the 1St time only... you need to draw some lines wit him. show him that if he doesn't do what you say do then he is gonna get some displine... thats it... do that and I promise that that child will get better in time...

and the first too answers are also great things to consider...


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Like Yea That What a Parent Is About Physical Punishment !!Your The Parent You Have 2 Control him Kuz if not something can happen and they can blame you.Just Dont Buy Him Violnt Games,movies,Shows anything kuz he start doing the same thing but he won't know that what he saw was Fake.Ground Him,make Him stand on the wall facing the wall,tell him no tv,videogames,Etc.Ps.if I Where You I'll Watch The Teacher 4 Any Wrong Movement ^_^

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