what should i do if a 5yr old wen behaving agressive or hitting her sister who is 2yr old?

wat should i do to stop it?

Answer #1

Are you the parent? Theres not too much you can do discipline wise besides seperate them, take privledges or toys away, and time outs when you arent the childs parent. Where is this happening at? In any case the parents need to be notified of the child behavior so they can handle it, if this is happening at a school or daycare if the parents cant control the childs behavior and it continues, the daycare or school has the right to not let the child come back.

Answer #2

its my siblings but my parents r so busy and i hate unfairness. she hits the lil 1but luckily she can say wat she does her nw.,the 2yr old mya is tough kid. my parents leave it and say she is small and doesnt understand wat she is doing but she does very well. how to get her to behave and knw its wrong

Answer #3

u should punish the 5 yr old..your 2 yr old will have no confidence in school she wil be scared of everyone..

Answer #4

I would tell your doctor about it if it is becomeing a regular thing. Or maybe the older one thinks the younger one is getting more attention, but talk to your doctor about just incase it might be something more. Better late than never!

Answer #5

its jealousy.thanks 4 the advice doh,i’ll do that.tell my parents

Answer #6

ok,its how to punish her.the 2yr is very strong,out spoken,smart too

Answer #7

take away treats like tv sweets.

Answer #8

ok,cool. hows ur sis? husband stil away?

Answer #9

Im good yeah he is still away….any ideas on how she could get him back.

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