Who's going to win the election in 2008?

who do you think will win?

Answer #1

to grifilcan: a muslim/black man? obama is a christian, not a muslim. and what would be wrong if he were? this country has always been run by white christian males. what about a jew or a muslim or a black man or latino woman.

Answer #2

I think Hillary has got a good chance. Hillary Shroeder that is. David Williams, probably also in with a good chance. I would love to see Lauren Gourdie win also.

Wait, we’re not talking about Student Council elections?

Answer #3

george bush’s term is up…? I’m pretty sure it’s against the constitution to have him run again…unless you’re being sarcastic or I’m wrong and mis ocunted years?

Answer #4

Im from Ireland and the general concept here is whoever wins the Democratic nomination will win the White House. Id say its between Obama and Hillary but thats just my opinion.

Yeah I know maby im just a little too interested in Other countrys politics lol.

Answer #5

he has muslim roots or sumthing I’m not exactly sure. I know his dad is in the political loop in the middle east or sumthing like that and personally I don’t want someone in office who has any tie at all to the people that attacked us. I also just don’t like his positions on things and think that in this particular election the media is playin up the democratic side and giving very little coverage to the republican side. That isn’t right him and clinton are just getting media b/c he’s black and she’s a women not because they are the best candidates. We don’t know who the best candidates are becasue not enough of them have gotten media time. Also I don’t want a president who won’t even say the pledge, that states what our country is founded on, including diversity. He won’t even show he has nationalism by saying the pledge??

Answer #6

well, I agree with your point about not enough press coverage spent on the issues. quite frankly, I am disappointed with the lack of coverage the important issues are receiving across the board, on both sides. you are mistaken. obama does not have muslim roots and his father is not connected to the middle east. he is from africa. and if we are talking about the people who attacked us, why are we not fighting this horrible war in their country, instead of iraq?

Answer #7

Not hilary please, and not a muslim/black man please. However the media has decided that it only wants to emphasize the democratic side of the election this time around so I think more people are focused on the fact there is a black man and a womam running. O0o yea where’s the spanish american??? how many people new that one? anyway I hope romney or huckabee wins.

Answer #8

I hope someone who isn’t gunna fu*k up america.. and I really hope it’s not hillary.. one. I just dont like her. two. I’m not aganist a female president BUT I just dont think she deserves to be the president… and three anyone who would actually do any good to america probably doesn’t like politics.. or doesn’t want to be tangled in it.. so basicly.. I’m okay as long as a white, male, republican who will do us some good wins..

Answer #9

This is probably a lost cause and directed to grifilcan but if you want to read the truth about Barack Obama go to:


He is not a Muslim! Like I said, if you associate with folks that perpetuate these falsehoods you probably wouldn’t vote for Obama anyway, but like they said on the X-Files - the truth is out there~

Answer #10

I didn’t know they were from australia till aobut two seconds ago… lol sorry stopandsmelltheroses.

Answer #11

grifilcan - stopandsmelltheroses doesn’t understand the two-term limit, since no other country I can think of has such a thing.

Answer #12

Me “ I am just kidding”

Answer #13

yeah but hes being kiked out of office!!!

Answer #14

hes already served 2 terms as president!! Bush that is.

Answer #15

but…this forum is regarding who will win, in my opinion. I think that it will be clinton. the pendulum swings and now it will swing to a democrat.

Answer #16

right on!

Answer #17

barack obama, nit romney, hiliary clinton, john edwards and I think that all

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