16 month wont stay in toddler bed

how can I keep my 16 month old in todler bed ,,,

Answer #1

mayb put her bed in your room 4 a few weeks and if she setlles gradually move her in2 her own room x its hard I had the problem with my lil boy but I kept at it and they do get the hang of it eventually. all kids are different try not 2 worry xxx

Answer #2

I never heard of bed whit top on :O but at what age do they normally learn to stay, am I the only one whit this probleme, as they said 16month is the age to start them in a bed .I was tinking to try it, and also that she fall from the crib im now shure really scard about crib I try the play pen pfff better to get out yeah not safe at all so I really need to keep her in bed but what should I do she do have a blinkette a bear that she love more,she still drink botle of milk in fact she have a deases that she will need drink that milk for 5 years at lease. so I give her blinki botle bear what helse should I try she also have a turtle I try tell her turtle go to sleep you too nop not working anymore. she dont like story time she cant concentr on the book yet she want to do someting helse she dont wont to sleep in my bed neighter hers.:S:S:S

Answer #3

You could try buying a crib tent…that way you can keep her in her crib and the tent will help keep her from falling if she tries to crawl out.

Answer #4

just be consistant. its frustrating and will take time but eventually he will get it.

dont give in.

Answer #5

she fall down from crib already :S

Answer #6

16 months is still pretty young…you could probably keep (him/her?) in a crib a little longer.

If you want your child to learn to stay in bed, you need to be persistent and keep bringing him/her back to bed whenever he/she gets up.

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