What can I do to get my son to stay in his bed

My son just turned 2 and he wouldnt stay in his crib so I got him a lil bed and he still doesnt stay in his bed and screams all night long? Anyone help? Please!

Answer #1

well my mom made my room when I was 2 straberryshortcake because I loved watching it I had a tv and a vcr so that I culd watch the movies of it after a few nights I would stay in my room all night and each time I did I got 3 cookies durring the day as a rewaRD 1 at breafast 1 at lunch and 1 after dinner

Answer #2

Personaly I dont think tv’s are good to have in a childs room as young as him, im not trying to offened you or anything I just have a friend who has had a tv in her room since she was very young,now she thinks she cant sleep w/o it. But thats just my say on the hole tv thingy :) Hope this helped, Earthchik

Answer #3

fingers crossed for you that it will work xx:) at the end of the day if you and your little boy are happy iits what ever works for you :D

Answer #4

awwe thanks I happy someone else is gonig through they same thing and it has kindatonight her feel alseep in our bed and his daddy moved him in his owen bed so maybe that will work

Answer #5

My little girl is 3 in nov and she still climbs in my bed - she sleeps in her bed by herself of the day -But come night she wants our bed . I have yet tried the tv just soft music ,I do know what you mean I hate letting her cry after all they just want what they see mummy and daddy are cuddled up in bed so why cant I ? Put him to bed read him his bedtime story and then with the lights off sit in the middle of the room with your back turned or your head down .. after he falls asleep creep out of the room and do this night by night but only every night move a nother step to the door by the end of the week fingers crossed he wont need to run into your room because he is sound asleep in his :D hope I helped

Answer #6

put his bed in your room. Let him get comfortable knowing your next to him. after a few days start explaining that he’s a big boy and get’s his own room. Maybe put a tv in it or something he can look forward to. This just happened to my sister who is 2. My dad put her bed in his room for a couple nights, then put a little tv/vcr in her room and decorated it the way she wanted it and calls it her big girl room. She’s actually so comfortable now that she kicks my dad out of her room so she can watch Shrek by herself. Hope this helped!

Answer #7

is the little bed in your room or a different room..because you mite want to do it by baby steps…try having the baby bed still in your room and let him know that he’s becoming a big boy and that if he wants to be like mommy he has to sleep in a bed just like her..and by it still being in your room he feels safe because he can see you!! and then as time progresses and he starts finding that to be ok then you can start trying to move it to his very own room!

Answer #8

Shut him in the room by himself. Put him to bed, say goodnight and tuck him in once. After that he does not get any attention for screaming (which he does out of frustration for a reaction out of you). If he gets up out of bed just put him back, don’t talk at all, other than repeating that it is bed time when you put him back. Sometimes this has to be done 15 times (especially the first time) but the more you do it the more it will work and eventually it will just be once.

Answer #9

baby steps… have his bed in your room, have it next to yours, and then start moving it further away from yours, and then start transitioning him into his own room… and just know that everytime you give in to the screaming, he’s learning that all he has to do is scream to get what he wants, and he just has to keep screaming and eventually he’ll get it… so try a new tactic… I’m not saying you should just let him scream all night, but new tactic is important here…

Answer #10

thanks everyone and he has a tv in his room and he just recently got his own room hes always been in with me all the time and ever sence we moved him in to his room he has been doing this

Answer #11

ya I guess thos will work its jsut so hard hearing him scream at night and night hes sleeping in my bed once again I feel bad because my boyfriend and I dotn sleep in the same bed when hes like this

Answer #12

ya but I guess for anyone bed time is the worse part of the day?

Answer #13

well if your not already doing this make sure he has a LOT of physical activity during the day, not right before bed though

Answer #14

do what my parents did…reward him…tell him that he gets a cookie if he stays in his bed without crying all night.

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