What are some tips or tricks to help both me and my toddler switch him from his crib to his toddler bed?

My sons bed just arrived and im terrified to try and figure out how to get him to sleep and not play when he has that freedom. Any tips or tricks you might have would be appreciated.

Answer #1

idk if this will work, but my mom used to like stay in the room with me until i was comfortable there,

Answer #2

Make sure you let him know that the bed is a “big boy” bed, and kind of congratulate him, for being big enough to get a new bed. This will make him happy, and excited to have a new bed.

Also, use a reward system of some sort for when he is good, and stays in bed instead of getting out. Stickers, small toys once a week, praise, etc…

Answer #3

Yeah like when my sister was learning to go to the toilet, when she went on her own she got to put a sticker on the toilet. Make him feel big and brave

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