How do I tell my parents I'm 14 and pregnant?

hey I am 14 and I am pregnant me and my boy friend have been dating for 5 years and I really love him and he said he will stick by me through this but I don’t know how to tell my parents because they love and trust me so much I don’t know how to tell them…so how do I..??

Answer #1

your only 14, what da hell? you shouldnt b having sex that young… no matter how long you been dating him… and I never even thought about sex at that age. Well let me stop because I know what your going through abour the pregnant thing, you feel scared and kinda lonely and sometimes you vry for no reason at all.. Well if you want 2 keep this baby you just have 2 tell your parents… owww a good way 2 tell them is wait till christmas and say mom, dad can you please sit down I have 2 talk 2 u.. And tell them that you have a christmas present for them and say your pregnant, and why you want to keep it.. And let me tell you dont ever consider a abortion ok because dats da worst thing 2 do, believe me… u’ll feel like crap your whole life, even though your young.. because if your old enough 2 have sex and get pregnant than your old enough 2 keep da baby and raise it, except 4 killing your baby… well I hope I helped you a lot, and good luck girl… and pray to God every night to help you and to give I strength… o and if you have nay questions or so feel free to write me on this email

Answer #2

well I’m 15 and I’m 4weeks pregnant.I havet told my parents yet either and I’m also very I know exactly what you’re going through.I say just wait until your ready to tell them

Answer #3

im also 14 and pregnant im so scared I have not a clue what to tell my mom im really scared. My boyfriend is a sweet heart and is really excited about it he is really happy. My only problem is that he is almost 18 and I dont know what my mom will do. I dont want her to call the police I let for something that I allowed. I did come here trying to find a lecture or anything like that I came here trying to get help and answers I know what you are going through I hope that it works out for you. e-mail me if you need someone to talk to I know I do.


Answer #4

Well I’m 14 also and preg. And I was afraid to tell my parents. But the sooner your do the better. I’m preg. With twins, and the only way to asure I was going to have a safe healthy birth and child was to tell them!

Answer #5

just sit them down and tell them

if you go through it by yourself, you’l find its more upsetting.

they will understand…ue got to tell them, your there little girl and they love you. just like your going to love your little one :)

hope everything goes ok && good luck


Answer #6

dont let wielkopolski15 tell you that thats a lot of B.S they dont know him or you… its ok just have asit down with your parents and tell them… dont sit them down with your boyfriend yet do that the next talk… they will be worried and say “oh my god” a lot but I dont know… just tell them.. “mom dad I love you and I know that you love me…this is going to be very hard for me to say and I didnt think that I would say these words but…im pregnant”

Answer #7

Tell them fast, but I agree with csudhdancer27 don’t abort it or you will be a wreck for life seeing other women with babies etc. Tell who would understand more Mum’s usually but don’t estimate Dad for compassion. Don’t have sex again until you’re legal and use condoms or else you could get really sick with Herpes, Crabs, and HIV

Answer #8

Oh Man … Dating since 9 !!!??

I just dun knw what 2 say .. But you gotta tell them

Sooner or later they’ll knw

Answer #9

wow, your boyfriend told you a lot of B.S

Answer #10

dont be afraid…tell them, there are many cases like that your not the only one. and go to the doctor because you stated to be sexually active at verry young age…ahh…but it’s sex is good..I cant blame you..

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