How do I tell my parents I'm pregnant???

I figured out I was 2 weeks pregnant yesterday and now I’m freaking out because I don’t know how to tell my parents I’m pregnant because my mom is a spaz and my dad gets angry wayyy easely and I’m afraid how they’ll react HELP!!!

Answer #1

Just manage it urself…Don’t tell anyone…I m sure you don’t wanna go on with this baby… so better option is arrange some money with help of your friends and have Abortion…

Answer #2

Just do it. You’ll never know what will happen. It’s better to just do it and get it over with than sitting waiting longer and longer making you panic even more.

Answer #3

well lets put it like this you was women enough to have sex so you should be women enough to tell your parents…no offense just givin tough love lol

Answer #4

girl you just tell them and get it over with they cant kill you they can only yell at you they might even be happy when you tell them

Answer #5

It;s best they find out from you and not from someone else I had a friend who was in a similar situation and hit it for months until oneday at school someone noticed, and told their mum, who passed the info onto my friends mum, and finding out liek that for her was bad. It’s best you tell them in a calm environment and not to catch them when they have jsut come in from work, tell them you need to talk in advance and set aside some time.

Answer #6

We can’t tell them for you…you’re just going to have to go through this.

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