How to tell my parents if I'm pregnant?

If I am pregnant…how do I tell my parents…im daddys little girl…how do I tell him???

Answer #1

I would write a note right before you go out somewhere. give it to a parent a tell them to read it… then leave… go bowling or to the movies or something. itll give your parents time to cool off before you come home.

Answer #2

simple . dad mom , im pregnant

Answer #3

You thought you were old enough and mature enough when you decided to have sex and get pregnant, now you have to be old enough and mature enough to tell your parents. There is no easy way to do this, you just have to tell them.

Answer #4

Don’t tell them at the same time. Pick the more level headed parent to talk to about it by themself. Start by talking about something else, then lead into asking them if they ever did anything stupid that they regretted, and get them to ask you what’s going on. Then let the tears loose. This will psychologically prepare them a little for the shock. Once they feel sympathy for you and know something bad is going on, tell them. Then let the more level headed parent tell the other one when you’re not around.

But honestly, it isn’t much of a shock these days unless your parents are evangelical.

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