im 14 and pregnant how to tell my parents

im 14 and pregnant and my boyfriend is 18 who do I tell my parents im pregnant and my boyfriend sayed he will stick wit me thru this I dont no what to do plzz help me

Answer #1

I would ither write a note or go to the hospital and they qill tell your parents for you

Answer #2

tell them in a privite room where no one can hear

Answer #3

You took a huge risk having sex with him especially now that your pregnant because you parents can get him arrested for statutory rape and he could go to jail and he’d have to register as a sex offender hopefully your parents dont do that. Maybe try writing them a note or email its a lot easier then saying it verbally but no matter what your going to have to tell your parents.

Answer #4

oh hunny…I’m 18 and I dont know how to tell my parents that I’m 12 weeks pregnant by my 21 year old boyfriend. Best of luck, love.

Answer #5

wow that was really riskyy but what are you planning on doing about the baby ? One thing you need to do is tell your parents and Dont tell. Them that your boyfriend is 18until they ask

Answer #6

that is true. but you should sit your parents down and tell them that you made a mistake and your sorry for being dum and messy around behind they’re backs and tell them.

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