What is the difference between democrats and republicans?

Which one are you?

Answer #1

LOL EVERYTHING. & Republicannnn.

Answer #2

“Republican” † Both parties are identical in terms of government control and regulation. The difference for me is that Republicans are opposed to abortions of convenience. They also course individualism over paternalism, and provide for the common good. Democrats are more socialists. They normally have a hidden agenda, they also put the environment in front of it’s citizens. Democrats also started the practice of spending social security on other things. They also are for removing God from public, places & things. Democrats also believe welfare recipients are helpless, defenseless & can’t take care of themselves. Need I say more. I am a Republican, cause they choose to keep the values of our country intact & keeping our nation protected.

Answer #3

woohoo! Good answer. That would be me to

Answer #4

and let me guess what Obama is???? Democrat huh.. yup

Answer #5

I’m a registered republican. I’m glad you are taking an interest and decided to exercise your right and vote. (refering to our other conversation) Republicans are often on the conservative side of things and democrats are usually liberal which is an extreme contrast in itself. There are many major differences in the two parties, one being how money is spent (or wasted). Another is taxes. I think the republican way is lower taxes boost the economy because the more of our hard earned money we get to keep, we will in turn spend and keep the economy moving whereas democrats just want to fund every program they like at any cost including going into debt and raising taxes. I gotta stop now this is getting too long. You can funmail me if you want with other questions.

Answer #6

Republicans feel that the free market eventually rights most wrongs, that the private sector can always do things cheaper and better than the government, that taxation is tantamount to theft, that industrial and financial regulation is wrong, that the wall separating church and state is meant to keep government out of religion but not religion out of government, that pre-marital sex and ending pregnancies is wrong and that we should return to Victorian era sexual mores, Democrats feel that unbridled capitalism leads to disparity in wealth, that the government can be a force for good and government programs are worth paying for, that industries need to be regulated, and that religion and sex should be a personal issue that the government should not have positions on. Both parties believe in freedom but value different kinds of freedom. Republicans favor the freedom of individuals and corporations to accumulate wealth unfettered by taxes, regulation, or social responsibility. Democrats favor individual freedom of conscience, freedom from hunger, exploitation and pollution.

Answer #7

democrats r more open to changes new ideas and things but republicans want everything to be the same they are closed to change and do not want things different but democrates will change alot of things where as republicans will not

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