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How do you make the weird letters?

Like the weird e doesnt look like the normal e. And there are other letters that dont even look like the normal letters.


How do you make like small letters and underlined letters.

How do you make like small letters and underlined letters and any other type of letters.
like I know how to make big ones..
<big> <big> <big>


What does DVD (the letters) stand for?

My guess is something to do with digital :)


letter code

why do some sites ask you to write a letter code that is very obious, you can se the numbers and letters why do they do it?


Why is everything so big on my screen lol it looks weird?

On my screen all my icons are do make them smaller (the way they were)?


Is it weird that I'm obsessed with PCs?

Do you think it is weird that I am obssesed with PCs. That I am only 13 and make my own programs, games and hack peoples files and stuff?


Computer weirdness

Does anyone have any idea why a tracking cookie is on my computer every time that it does a security scan? Every time my computer does the scan, I have the cookie removed, but for some reason, it is there the next time.


Super small letters in internet..

In this computer for some reason there are some letters in the internet that appear super super small... Even if I zoom in I cant read them... And its only on this computer... You guys know how to fix that? Thx! =)


small letters and pics

I was on the computer one day and my son ran up and started hitting the keyboard and all of a sudden the letters or words and pictures were all really small. How do I make them bigger again?


Would an iPhone app look weird on my iPad?

I want to buy the sims 3 for my iPad, but there isn't an app available for iPad. So I might buy the iPhone version.. Will it look blurry etc?


Why is my laptop so weird today?

My laptop is very weird today.Sometimes when I press on the M key it doesnt work and sometimes it does..Then everything I have accounts on I had to log into today whats up with that?And I mean every single account I was signed out of and had to log bac...


How to fix a computer keyboard letter?

I have a macbook and the letter "R" fell of the keyboard today, I have it right here but I try to put it back and it wont stay in place, I dont want to glue it in case it gets damage. any help?


What are the best iPhone 4S apps that start with the letter "I"?

They can be any,any other category, entertainment,utilities,books,finance,social
Networking,medical,etc. Those are some of the categories on my iPhone 4S so can anyone tell me the best apps that start with I?? I know it sounds stupid ...


Why is my YouTube bar acting weird?

When i open a video the red bar is not like it was before. Before it used to load.. then i can replay as many times as i want. But now if i wana watch it again, I have to wait for it to load again..
And if i want to go back to a certain moment in th...


Weird problems with the samsung glyde?

My phone always says I'm receiving a message but it says that it failed and then it tells me I have a new message when I don't. does anyone else's glyde do this too? and what also happens is when I slide my phone shut after sending a message it shuts o...


Is it weird for a girl to play video games?

I am a gamer addict. I own the newest XBox 360 and play Halo all the time. Most people think this is strange.. firstly because I'm a girl, and secondly because I appear to be a "girly girl" from the outside. Some guys make fun of me for my Halo gaming ...

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Weird thing on limewire.

I was downloading sumthing and I decided to cancel it
Two days ago and today it said that it was completed..I don't know why if I
Cancelled it and stuff...?

Yes I know im asking a lot of question about limewire..(lol)
But id rather know ahea...


Weird messages

I keep getting messages from the number 60611002.. Its not a phone number and somehow they know quite a lot about me and about my current relationship. When I asked who they were they told me their name was justin (who is the guy I am dating).. But it ...


Why is my pc scrolling going really weird (wavy/repaint effect)?

the electric just went out, and when I turnt my pc on my screen was bigger than usual, however I managed to find an answer to that, but my mouse when I scroll is awful!!! I get some strange lines, after you scroll down the mouse will delay then it will...


make small letter 60611002 small letter word message 60611002 60611002 text