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What does tagged mean & why do people tag pics?

what does tagged mean on bebo ??
why do people tag your pictures?


How do I tag myself in a a social site video?

how do I tag myself in a a social site video?


How to get a background on Tagged

how do I put a background o Tagged?

183 views NSFW


Does anyone know a website called "Tagged"? Is it worth joining?


Tag photos

Can you people tag my photos, because I want to know what you think of them, but no one even lookes at them. Thanks


Electronic tag on your ankle

How do I get ma tag off ma ankle ?

With out going to prison I cba wid going prison and I cba wid the tag I shouldnt even be on it all I was doin was standin up for a mate


How to do tag editing to get lyrics?

I got lyrics plugin installed, but my player is not showing the lyrics..
But if I edit the fields it will show lyrics... So I want to know how to fill in the fields like album,artist etc etc so that the plug in can show lyrics..
Please help..


Is there a tag to prevent this error on my flash site?

I am doing web project with flash effect. When I opened the web site, page is split into many parts and not set the web page. At that time raised alert message " To help protect your security, Internet explorer has restricted this file from showing ac...


Another website like facebook or twitter???

Like, tagged, twitter..
Anything else???


i have a question about facebook

ok i havent had it for that long and i dont go on allot but if people tag you in a pic dosent it show up on your wall? like my sister tagged me in a pic and i look horribleee hahaha can i just delete it off my wall..?


ashley madison cheaters

what are your views on the ashley madison site??? [[[in case you don't know what it is, its a dating site for mairried people looking to have affairs... their tag line is: life is short. have an affair]]]


Where do I look to locate a serial number on a Dell laptop PP01X?

I am looking on the back of the computer and see several different numbers. I see the Dell LBLPin #, a number on the service tag, a DS/N number, and a Product Key # are any of these the serial Number?


What would people do if your email was set to say "sent from my iPhone 5"?

I got an email from a friend who made me really jealous today as his email said sent from my iPhone 4. Now, I want to get him back and set my email to have a tag line that says "sent from my iPhone 5".


Which online community is best for a grown Woman?

Hi I need your help I have numerous
accounts with Face Book , Myspace ,Tagged,Black Plannet and Hi5
I want to keep one or two which ones should I keep and which should I delete?


How can you send a link in an email, and have it appear as an image?

I want to send a picture to my friend, but her dumb computer wont open just regular clickable links. So what format can i put the pictures filename in so when she opens her email, she see's the picture without clicking on anything? (tags to make the pi...


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