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Star Symbols on keyboard?

How to make the star symbols for a social site like you make the ♥ ???


Ever wonder why there isnt a Division sign on a keyboard

Hahha this is one to sure baffle somebodys mind!
LMAO but seriously, ever wonder why there isnt oneon there?


Center button on keyboard??

My home computer has been broken, so instead of using the red mouse built in the computer I was using the actual hand mouse that belonged to my home computer. My home computer is now fixed and my mom needs the mouse back. I figured out how to get the r...


When cars say keyless entry does that mean...?

When cars say keyless entry does that mean you can hit the button to start the car? Or is that just when you can hit the button to unlock it?


How to block a phone number from calling?

my husbands ex-wife keeps calling my house to start fights with me. I want to get her number blocked so she can not call my house. how do I do so? I have asked her repeatedly to please stop calling and she refuses to. I do not need the drama or stress....


Sony Vegas playback problem!

I've just finally found a free trial of sony vegas I haven't used and it was working perfect and everything was playing back fine, but then it stopped letting me playback projects, a message pops up saying:

"An error occured while starting playback"...


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